And the winner is

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And the winner is

Post by eccles » Wed Aug 01, 2007 5:49 am


Who correctly answered the questions:

What was the musical? Florodora
Who wrote the lyrics? Edward Boyd-Jones and Paul Rubens
Who wrote the music? Leslie Stuart, additional songs by Paul Rubens

Kool's tiebreaker was:

I love Bring It Back because: it?s the perfect combination of old memories and new friends

Well done Kool \:D/

The runner up is Bluebottle who's tiebreaker was:

I love Bring It Back because... brings out the child within is the greatest website in the world 8*)
...nostalgia is the antidote to real life

I'm not sure if that is three tiebreakers :?:

Blueby, as you managed to find the answer I am going to give you a runner up prize of ?5-00. Now how generous is that :D

Well done =D>
Alive and well, retired in France. There is life after work.

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